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Our Story Add

 Join the war against waste and single-use plastics.

Rowdy Crowd Drinkware offers the perfect reusable cups solution to event and festival organisers who wish to cause as little environmental impact as possible at the conclusion of an event. If you aim to reduce the enormous amounts of waste and the time it takes to clean up then Rowdy Crowd can help provide an answer.

Now with Rowdy Crowd’s own in-house printing we can offer 20% cheaper pricing on all our custom branding. If you need to help cover event costs we suggest to either sell them as part of your ticket price, or sell them separately at the entry gates or if you hope to keep them for future events set a deposit and return fee at the bar. Just ask us for some advice as we are happy to help.

Our reusable cups

To help with with measured pours at events, each wine and champagne piece is marked with a small raised 150ml pour line.

We have been meeting the needs of event organisers since 2015 when we introduced Australia's first stemless, Tritan range to tick the boxes for style, quality, practicality and durability.

Our wine tumbler holds 425ml and is 11cm high x 8cm wide at the girth. This is our all-in-one go to event tumbler. Many customers use this shape not only for wine but also beer, spirits, soft drinks and cocktails.

The champagne flute holds 285ml and is 13.5cm tall x 6cm wide at the girth with a 5cm opening which is comfortable to drink from and not have to tip your head off your shoulders for that last drop of bubbles!

Our new world first nucleated and uniquely designed Tritan material beer schooner is the ultimate in unbreakable drinkware for discerning pub, craft and boutique beer drinkers. Our nucleated base, which is a special series of slightly raised dots on the inside of the base, keeps beer fresh and carbonated to the very last drop. Our beer schooner holds 425ml and is 12.5cm high with an opening of 6.25cm and a girth of 7cm. They are extremely comfortable to hold, stable on their base and ideal to print with your logo for a tasting event.